Ahold Always My Baby Breastmilk Storage Bags

net wt. 6.0 fl oz
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Ahold™ Always My Baby™ Breastmilk Storage Bags. Ideal for storing and freezing breastmilk. BPA free*. Leak-proof zipper seal. Pre-sterilized bags. 6 fl oz (175 ml).


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Health & Safety

  • Always check food temperature before feeding on a sensitive part of your skin like the inside of your wrist. Do not heat in microwave, electric bottle warmer, or sterilizer. Do not boil or sterilize any liquid in the breast milk storage bags. Do not fill bags with boiling liquid. Do not place breast milk storage bags in pan while heating water. Discard bags after single use. Keep away from frozen objects in the freezer that can puncture bags. Failure to follow these instructions may cause bags to burst. Inspect each bag before use for signs of damage. Keep out of reach of children. Do not re-freeze breast milk once it has been thawed. Do not save milk from a used bottle for use at another feeding.

Product Instructions
To use with a reusable feeding bottle: If frozen, thaw in refrigerator or counter top. When thawed, open liner by placing thumbs below perforations close to zipper then slowly pull apart, and pour contents into a reusable bottle. Dispose of bag. To heat, place filled bottle under hot running water or in container of heated water and warm to feeding temperature. Wash hands thoroughly before handling bags. Pull out a single breast milk storage bag from the package. Mark the bag with the date before filling. Hold the bag between fingers below the perforations and gently pull apart. Carefully pour expressed breast milk into bag then reseal for storage. Wipe the exterior of the bag dry before freezing. Aqueous liquids expand when frozen. Take care to remove any air gap and to leave some extra room so that the bag doesn't burst.
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Product Country of Origin: China

This product does not contain any of the common food allergens.


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This product does not contain any of the common food allergens.